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Source 1 CTS Commercial Series Thermostat

Source 1 CTS™

With CTS Series Assistant, users can customize their photos with CTS Series Assistant's built-in editing features, including zoom, rotate, color, and brightness adjustment. Skyport allows for remote thermostat access. These features are just the beginning!

Source 1 CTS™ Series Features

  • Customizable wallpaper and slideshow
  • Built-in Nature and Holiday Wallpaper Themes
  • Customizable Service Alerts
  • "Simple as You Want" Operation with Easy to Read Display
  • CTS Assistant for Fast and Easy Programming
  • SD Memory Card for Easy Importing and Exporting of Thermostat Data, Including Copying Data Between Thermostats
  • At a Glance Screen Lets Users See Temperature and Heating/Cooling Status
  • Programmable Nighttime Dimmer
  • 7-Day Programmable Time Period Scheduler
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustments
  • 7-Day Energy Usage Graph
  • Pass code Security for Screen Lock and Setpoint Limits
  • Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, and French
  • Universal Compatibility Including Dual Fuel

CTS™S1-TBPU32P7S Commercial Thermostat

[Manual & Installation]
  • 7-Day Time Period Programming with Occupied/Unoccupied periods
  • 365-day Holiday Scheduler
  • Up to 4 Heat & 2 Cool Stages
  • Gas Electric or Heat Pump Control
  • Independently Adjustable Timers & Deadbands for all Stages of Heating and Cooling
  • Multi-Level Pass code Security for Screen Lock and Setpoint Limits
  • Fan Purge
  • Outdoor or Remote Temperature Sensing
  • Override Functionality
  • Smart Recovery
  • Choice of English, Spanish and French
  • Customizable Screen saver
  • Customizable Wallpaper
Source 1 Skyport Connect

Skyport™ Connected Comfort

  • Monitor thermostat information, including system run time and current usage
  • View incoming alerts based on pre-configured notifications, such as important updates on the health of the system or simply if the home's inside temperature has gone above or below pre-set limits
  • View a pictorial display of the current weather and weather forecast for all thermostat locations
  • Send text messages from the mobile device to thermostat display, such as reminders and notes to family members.
  • Receive vital updates from their HVAC professionals on the health of their systems right on thermostat display.
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone°, iPod Touch°, iPad°, Blackberry°, Android°, Mac and PC devices